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Thank you all so much for your card. Thank you too for making such a
significant contribution to my father's last years. I never dreamt Heather,
when we first met, that there would be such a long succession of helpers
that you would have to provide for us, truly all human life was here! You
know how blessed we feel with the two people with whom he ended his days,
they could not have been bettered and thank you for producing them  for us
in our hour of need. Matt was a great addition too. We are trying to distil
an ocean of life in to a thimble which is not easy. Thank you to you all for
all your help and kindness . Best wishes


We are delighted with you and your Company, so professional, efficient and with an over riding commitment to the actual client's welfare too.  A most refreshing approach which is greatly appreciated and has made a world of difference to Mum's welfare and wellbeing.

As for Libby, we as a family adore her, as does Mum too.  She is an absolute perfect match for her, caring, intelligent, efficient, flexible, intuitive and an all round "good egg".

Given the traumatic circumstances and the horrific treatment Mum had received in hospital, she seems to be adjusting very well and although she had some days of exhaustion (who wouldn't after what she has endured), she is definitely improving and getting brighter.  She is eating well once again and Libby is working very hard to ensure she drinks too.

Thank you once again to all of you, it means the world to us to see Mum back where she belongs.

With very kind regards

Dr Maksoud

Dear Heather

My name is Dr Maksoud and I am a consultant in medicine and endocrinology at the Nottingham Woodthorpe Hospital.

I have done the ward round regularly during Sir F's hospital stay.  What has attracted my attention is his 'carer' Mike.  The main issue when we do ward rounds is how to communicate our plans both to the medical staff and to the patient and if it wasn't for Mike I don't think we would be able to communicate all the changes we made during Sir F's current hospital stay effectively.  Mike has always been there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  The management was complex, it required multiple adjustments and multiple communications at different levels both with the patient, the staff and the junior doctors.  Mike has made that easier, he has made careful meticulous notes.  He has fed back to me more information than I needed and has helped enormously in how we successfully managed Sir F's care.  I would highly recommend Mike in the future and I would be grateful if you could please feed back to Mike the above information that I have specifically wanted to communicate to you on my own initiative.


Thank you again.

Yours sincerely



Dear Heather and Team

Just wanted to let you know - when the Paramedics visited 'J' on 20/5/14, they read through the Client Care Plan & Risk Assessment you put together for 'J', and they were impressed.  They said "they had never read such a comprehensive Care Plan before".

Also, after reading through 'J's' Daily Diary they said "you were very thorough".

We were encouraged, and we hope you are too.

With love


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