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Dear Rose

It hardly seems enough to say thank you for all you have done over the past 6 months for Dinah & Ian.

We know that we are extremely lucky that you came, as I said back in June, our saviour!  It was to our great relief that you got down to the job straight away and soon became a part of the household.  You could not have done a better job, with any more efficiency, jollity, sensibility - we appreciate all of it.

Special thanks for going about the daily business with such a cheerful manner, what a blessing that has been, and how responsive have Dinah & Ian been.

How you stuck it out for 6 months, God only knows - its gone very quickly for us, probably not so quickly for you!!  So do enjoy your time when you get back home, and revel in your freedom, but when reflecting on this job you can always be proud of the help you have given the  family - we (they) are rather different in many ways, and I know not always easy to understand.  There have been numerous challenges but once again, thanks, for dealing with them and carrying on.

We have found a lot in common which has been fun and rather unexpected.  Of course we hope to see you again in April and that all goes well for you in the mean time.



...both Mrs G B and I are full of praise for the care provided by your agency, and in particular Jill, whose professionalism and personal attention to all of Grisel's needs has worked a miracle in bringing Grisel back to her bonny self. We would also like to mention the excellent contribution of Renata, Beverley and Jill in Grisel's rehabilitation... with many thanks

Mr P B

Philisia has been working for me recently as a live-in-carer.  Philisia has served me well in good house-keeping and in providing good meals at all times.  She is reliable, cheerful and good humoured.

I am aged 95 and though mobile and physically and mentally stable, I have relied on Philisia to care for me and to do house-keeping work.

In all respects Philisia's work has been commendable and helpful and I am happy to recommend her as a helpful carer.





Feb 2014


...[I] want to thank you... Well done. I am a retired nurse and health visitor myself and therefore particularly fussy about care for those I care about. Thanks to Charlene, Tracey, Arran and Joanne.

Helping and supporting you at home the professional way...